The PreOp-Guide
A Patient's Guide To Surgery
You can browse the guide online, or if you prefer, you can download the guide in Adobe Acrobat format and read it off-line.
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The PreOp-Guide is the one indispensable source for all of the information you will need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for surgery.  There are thousands of web sites with information about medical conditions, therapies, and surgeries, but this is the only site which will explain the process of surgery: from the initial laboratory testing and evaluation to the operation and finally through discharge from the hospital.  By reading The PreOp-Guide you will learn how you can ensure the best possible outcome after surgery.
Thank you for visiting the home of The PreOp-Guide.  This site is maintained by Dr. Robert Catania for the benefit of his patients and all patients who may require surgery.  We hope you find the material in the guide useful in your preparation for surgery.
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